Ultrasonic Liposuction

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Today, we also count on Ultrasonic Liposuction, which is the use of ultrasound associated with liposuction. A special apparatus containing a cannula dissipates ultrasound waves which will generate the breakdown of fat cells, liquefying them, i.e. the fat goes from a solid to a liquid medium. It is a less traumatic intervention, because the fat is not removed through suction and cavitation as with traditional liposuction. During patients’ recovery, there will be fewer bruises (purpura), less edema (swelling), and less postoperative pain.
We also obtain greater homogeneity of results. The heat generated by the ultrasound, secondarily, also causes the benefit of a certain contraction of the skin, which avoids the sagging skin after liposuction. This method is very well indicated in cases of mild and moderate flaccidity, and in cases of secondary liposuction.
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