Breast Reduction / Reduction Mammoplasty

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Reduction mammoplasty has two main goals: to alleviate the physical discomfort generated by large breasts, and improve the aesthetic appearance of breasts. The procedure consists of removing excess skin, breast tissue and fatty tissue in the lower and lateral parts of the breast. The areoles are repositioned in a higher position, and can also be resized, which can make them more delicate. This surgery gives back the aesthetic harmony of breasts regarding their size, shape and position.
It is indicated in cases of very large breasts which over time present ptosis (fall), causing posture disorders and spine pain. There are several techniques for breast reduction, and the scars resulting from surgery may be larger or smaller, depending on each case. The choice of one of them will depend on breast volume and the degree of skin sagging found during the physical examination. The decision about the new volume and the extent of the scars shall be discussed with your plastic surgeon during the preoperative consultations.
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