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Ninfoplasty is a broad term that covers all the plastic and aesthetic procedures performed on the female external genitalia. The objective is to restore and give back the pre pubertal aspect of the female intimate part, solving some distortions that can sometimes generate a certain degree of embarrassment.
Frequently women worry about the aesthetics and shape of their breasts, control their diet and physical activities, reaching a flat abdomen shape, and often, in the moments of intimacy with their partners, the aesthetic part of the female genitalia generates a certain degree of discomfort, and even insecurity. To avoid these types of nuisance and have a completely rejuvenated appearance, many women undergo ninfoplasty.
Among the most common reasons that make women to resort to intimate surgery we can list the exaggerated size of the small labia, which would be the excess skin and also the mucosa that goes beyond the limits of the vaginal hollow. Another complaint is related to very bulky pubic hair, which often shows when wearing some clothes or even with jeans. An exaggerated size, or even an atrophy of the labia majora may also occur over the years, etc. These are common alterations, but few women feel comfortable to admit that they want to improve the aesthetics of their intimate region. When, for example, the small labia are bigger than they should be, even overcoming the labia majora, they end up by harming the patient’s routine, like not being able to wear certain types of underwear or bikinis, exaggerated humidification, and they can alter their sexual activity and, above all, their self-confidence can be shaken. The solution to these problems is relatively simple, and gives the woman her security and balance, sometimes lost.
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