Cervical Lifting

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It’s one of the surgeries proposed for facial rejuvenation. This surgical procedure provides face muscle and fat repositioning, and the removal of excess skin, smoothing your expressions and highlighting facial contour, the marked features of young faces. Besides that, we are concerned not to alter the patients’ original physiognomic features, providing facial rejuvenation and preserving their natural appearance.
Then, the goal is to restore and define the traits of the jaw and minimize the excess of skin and tissues present in the lower face and neck area. It is one of the most sought after surgical techniques, allowing satisfactory results, but whose possibilities shall be analyzed in detail and previously discussed by the surgeon and the patient, since each face has its own characteristics.
Some of the indications for rhytidoplasty are: deep furrow running from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth, drooping cheeks, loss of definition of the mandible and its angle; sagging skin and excess fat in the region of the neck. The results are already perceived in the first weeks and become definitive after the 6th month.
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