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The search for a better quality of life arouses more and more interest in people. Skin aging, acne, overweight, localized fat, cellulite, flaccidity, nutritional deficiencies in the nails and hair are some of the numerous aesthetic problems that haunt women and men. It is within this context that Functional Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Applied to Aesthetics, focused on a process of food reeducation and nutritional conducts directed to dermatological and aesthetic treatments, combined with the prescription of nutritional, herbal and nutricosmetic supplements, make it possible to treat or attenuate such aesthetic disorders.
Regarding plastic surgeries, the nutritional evaluation before and after the surgical procedure aims to prepare the patient for surgery from a nutritional point of view. Nutritional deficiencies or excesses that may adversely affect the surgery or postoperative recovery are identified. In addition, nutritional strategies such as a balanced diet, cellular detoxification and prescription of supplements and herbal remedies are used to aid in the cicatrization, to minimize postoperative intestinal constipation and reduce edemas, fibrosis and sagging skin.