Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Radiesse) Filling

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Calcium Hydroxyapatite, also known as Radiesse, is a product used for filling. It consists of microspheres of apatite hydroxide, a natural substance in our body that does not migrate to other regions of the face, which guarantees total safety to the patient and does not cause allergic reactions, a fact that has been proven by works done in the United States, where the product is already used on a large scale.
Its main advantage is the time the result lasts. The Hyaluronic acid is used for finer wrinkles (intradermal), and is absorbed between six months and one year. After this period the patient should return to the office for a new application. The apatite hydroxide, in turn, is indicated for deeper wrinkles, and has a longer effect – from two to five years.
The filling with Calcium Hydroxyapatite is performed mainly from the back of the hands in people who have thin hands and do not like to see their tendons and veins too apparent.
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