Ablative Erbium Laser

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The Ablative or Deep Erbium Laser causes a remodeling of the collagen of the dermis through heating, and the formation of a new epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin). Unlike the fractionated laser, the ablative laser does not leave areas of healthy skin, which results in a longer recovery time. In addition, the depth of skin to be treated can also be increased, allowing the treatment of deeper wrinkles and scars. Parameters suitable for each type of skin and in accordance with the objective to be achieved are used.
It has the following indications: expression wrinkles and light sagging on lower eyelids, fine and medium expression wrinkles around the mouth, open pores, rejuvenation and acne scars.
An adequate preparation of the skin before the procedure is necessary. The laser application lasts for 30 minutes in average. 1 to 2 treatment sessions are required, depending on each case and indications. It is required that you leave your professional and social activities for a short period of time (5 days). The first two days following the laser are very important for a rapid recovery of the skin. It is necessary that dressings are changed by our team.
Care with the new skin that will come will be taken with the application of special products for another 2 days. On the fifth day we will begin to use a sunscreen associated to a pigmented base in order to mask the inflammation caused by the laser, so that on the fifth day the patient has the possibility to return to normal activities. The treated area will remain with a slight redness in the first 2 – 3 weeks, which can be disguised with a mild makeup. This new skin that will come presents more turgor and brightness, which will be already evident at the end of the first week.
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